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The Rolling Elks campers were rolling in September with yet another successful campout at
Casey’s Riverside RV Resort in Westfir.
October campout at Foster Lake was a fun Halloween Party event with Pumpkin Carving included.
Our childhood skills kicked in and we all had fun showing our artistic talent. or NOT!!! The Tollefsons and Caseys were our hosts at this fun event. Our November is not filled, but many are making plans for some kind of gathering, for those with no families here
in Florence, and those that want to share a Thanksgiving dinner. Although the Elks have
Thanksgiving (provided and sponsored by Kiwanis), a personal dinner with our Rolling Elks
friends is certainly in order. Stand by as we are chatting about this event.


December 22nd is our Christmas Dinner at the Lodge organized by Whitney/Timmerman/ Osgood. Thank you so much for your effort and we are all here to help if you will just
assign specific items to those willing to also volunteer. Possibly an UGLY Sweater contest…
stand by for further info.
Remember the mission of the Elks and the campers…gathering for friendship and helping
our community thrive with the most positive attitude we can project. Remember to VOLUNTEER,
DONATE, and show up for meetings and campouts in order to keep our group healthy.


Thought for the day: “an Old friend is one who knew you ‘when,’ but can’t
remember WHERE!!!!


Kathie Silva,
Secretary, Rolling Elks