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March 2023

Every Tuesday this person moves and puts away all the

furniture from the Lodge’s Thursday night meeting. Tables and chairs are then set up for the Ladies of Elks Bingo session. Every Wednesday this is reversed and the Bingo tables and chairs are put away with the furniture needed for the Lodge’s Thursday meeting brought back out. For as long as I can remember, well over 12 years, this has been done by the same person. He is willing to do anything the ladies ask of him always with a smile. To say Thank You seems so small, so I am naming REAGAN WYATT my Honorary Lady Elk of the Month for March. I don’t think he realizes how

important he is, not only to the ladies but also to our Lodge.

Thank you again Reagan – we truly appreciate all you do for us.

Shirley Hornback, President

February 2023

January 2023

My Lady Elk of the Month for February is our entire group of Bingo workers.  These ladies give so many hours of their time to help run our biggest fundraiser.  They work every Tuesday all year so we can give back to our community with charitable donations and scholarships to our local students.  Many of them have been doing this for several years and, hopefully, they will continue to help.  So here is a huge thank you to Elsie, Marianne, Pat, Laura, Julie, Pam, Maureen, Vyn, Diane, Joyce G., and Claudia for all the hours you give to our Bingo sessions.  You are each and everyone a very important asset to our group and I appreciate all of you so very much.


Shirley Hornback, President

I have chosen DIANE BULEZA as my Lady Elk of the Month for January.  Diane is one of our newer members but she has already become an active member.  She jumped right in and joined one of our Bingo teams

working at the cash register.  Diane is also a great baker making delicious pies and other goodies.  Her raspberry filled cookies are so amazing you cannot eat just one.  Thank you, Diane, for all the time you give to our little group. 

It is greatly appreciated.


Shirley Hornback, President

December 2022

November 2022

We have some amazing women in our little group. These are the women (and a few guys) who help make our Holiday Bazaar a success. Some are talented crafters and quilters. Some of them are talented in making goodies to eat. Some donate items for our raffle baskets as well as items for our tables. Some of them price the hundreds of items donated. Some put the baskets together and some sell the raffle tickets. Quite a few of them work both days of the Bazaar. All of them generously give their time each year for our Holiday Bazaar. Their names are too numerous to mention and I don’t want to forget anyone. They know who they are and I cannot thank them enough. I am proud and in awe of each and every one of you!

Shirley Hornback, President

October 2022

It all started last December, perhaps even as early as November.  I am referring to the 2022 Holiday Bazaar which takes months and months of planning.  Raffle basket themes and ideas for the items put in each basket are the most difficult and our Lady Elk of the Month for November has once again done a spectacular job.  I am referring to

BONNIE MACDUFFEE, who is a non-stop worker for the Ladies of Elks as well as for our lodge.  Bazaar Chairman is a huge responsibility as it is our second biggest fundraiser.  Bonnie has done this job extremely well this year as well as in the past couple of years.  She is also our Sergeant-at-Arms, bakes delicious brownies, and volunteers whenever help is needed.  She is a vital member of our group.  Thank you Bonnie , not only for this year’s Bazaar, but for all you do for the Ladies of Elks.

Shirley Hornback, President

My Lady Elk of the Month for October is PAM STIMMELL, who, with no hesitation, volunteered to take the office of LOE Secretary. As a former LOE President, Pam knows all too well what being an officer entails and yet she stepped right up and asked for the job anyway. She is also on one of our Bingo teams, working every Tuesday four months of the year.  Any time we need someone to do some small task, Pam seems to always be right there with her hand held high. Our group could not function without volunteers like Pam so I want to give her a huge THANK YOU!!  I hope she knows how important she is to the Ladies of Elks and how much we appreciate all that she does.

Shirley Hornback, President

September 2022

My Lady Elk of the Month for September is Vyn Wayne who has graciously stepped up and volunteered to chair our Publicity Committee.  Vyn is also one of our Bingo team members, working four months of the year at our Bingo sessions.  As a newer member of Ladies of Elks, Vyn has wasted no time in getting involved with our activities.  Speaking for myself and many of our older members, we truly appreciate the new members who get involved and attend our meetings. 

Thank you, Vyn, for being an important part of our group.

Shirley Hornback , President

August 2022

We are lucky enough to have some ladies who show up every Tuesday to play and or work Bingo, One of these ladies is Maureen Edwards. Maureen loves to play Bingo, thereby faithfully supporting our biggest fundraiser. She is a Bingo team worker four months of the year, but is also always willing to fill in the other months of the year wherever Elsie might need her. I am very happy to name MAUREEN EDWARDS as Lady Elk of the Month for August. Her willingness to always help out is greatly appreciated. Thank you Maureen for your devotion to Ladies of Elks!!!
Shirley Hornback, LOE President

July 2022

When we lost our Publicity Chairman a month before Rhody Days, this lady stepped up and took over radio and newspaper advertising for our Bake Sale and for the Lodge's Chicken BBQ, PER's Breakfast and SS advertising that weekend. She literally saved us from having no advertising at all. Luckily for us, she had done our publicity before for many years. I know I speak for all of the LOE members when I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to LINDA TANK - my Lady Elk of the Month for July 2022.  
Shirley Hornback, 
LOE President

June 2022

My choice for Lady Elk of the Month for June 2022 is 
KAY VALOIS and her Pie and Bake Sale helpers. This also includes all of the ladies who furnished pies and baked items for us to sell. Kay does a fantastic job of putting this fundraiser together and handling crowd control (the customers line up very early).
My sincere thanks to Kay and her helpers!

Shirley Hornback,  LOE President

May 2022

My choice for Lady Elk of the Month for May 2022 is LINDA SYLVESTER. Linda is our Decorating Committee Chairman and Co-Chairman of our Holiday Bazaar. She does an outstanding job keeping the dining room tables decorated with seasonal flowers and other decorations. Her Easter bunnies and gnomes were adorable last month. Linda also spends many hours helping with our Holiday Bazaar raffle basket items, baked goodies, holiday decorations and anything else that needs doing! She is a most valuable asset for the Ladies of Elks and for our Lodge...never saying "No" whenever asked to help. Thank you Linda, you are appreciated more than you know.
Shirley Hornback,  LOE President

April 2022

We have a lady in our group who is missing a word from her vocabulary. That word is "NO". She is always willing to help whenever and wherever needed. She is an officer, has served on several committees, bakes delicious brownies and organized a very successful Holiday Bazaar that included some amazing baskets. My choice for Lady Elk of the Month for April 2022 and Lacy Elk of the Year 2021-2022 is BONNIE MACDUFFEE. Thank you Bonnie for the many hours you generously give to the Ladies of Elks. Welcome to the "Dangle Club" and wear your pink jacket with pride. You have certainly earned it!
Shirley Hornback,  LOE President

2021 - 2022

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