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Laura Matheny is our Lady Elk of the Month for February. Laura is our Treasurer. She manages our bank accounts, pays our bills, keeps track of our donations, and reports monthly on our finances. She is the backbone of our club. Please congratulate her when you see her.



Joyce Middleton, LOE President


Elsie Simon is our Bingo Queen, and with Marianne Palassou

doing the scheduling they keep everything running smoothly.

We have wonderful volunteers. We have one who partners with Elsie to accomplish the difficult, though rewarding work of Family Services, also Bingo and

anything else she can do to

support the Ladies of Elks


My Lady Elk of the Month is Julie O’Toole. Thank you Julie!

Please congratulate her.

She deserves this!

Joyce Middleton, LOE President


There’s no question who deserves to be our December Lady Elk of the Month. Answer: Every Lady that stepped up and worked our Bazaar. From creating the items we had on sale, to set-up, to manning the booths, to tearing down. It took a village of women and a few gentlemen generous with their time. Each of you deserve a HUGE thank you -- with special thanks to Audra Avila and Pam Stimmell for taking charge.

You are all my December Lady of the Month (even you men!) Thank you all so much!

Joyce Middleton, LOE President


Our Events don’t just happen – they take a lot of volunteering by our Ladies of Elks “village”, but our work could be wasted without the advertising done by Publicity Chairman VYN WAYNE. Not only has she diligently kept our efforts advertised, but she also volunteers for Bingo and bake sales. Vyn is my choice for

November Lady of Elks.


Joyce Middleton, LOE President


We members love those who step right up and get involved.

SPUNKY GRAY has done exactly that.

She not only has taken on membership chair, but she’s always ready to help in any way she can. She’s in the kitchen helping whenever the

Ladies of Elks are involved. She’s always looking for a way to help. She’s a true asset to our group and she’s my pick for

Lady Elk of the Month for October.

 Please congratulate her when you see her.

Joyce Middleton, LOE President


She opens our meetings and closes them. She manages our drawing, birthday gifts, and sign-in sheets.She always volunteers and never says no. 

Our Lady Elk of the Month is


Please congratulate her when you see her.

Joyce Middleton, LOE President


My Lady Elk of the month for August is DIANE BULEZA.

 Diane is very busy baking for Ladies of Elks events, and working Bingo. She also finds time to be a Scholarship co-chair. It was an honor for me to be able to join her for the Scholarship presentations at the Florence Events Center. Diane is an asset to our group. Please offer congratulations when you see her.

 Joyce Middleton, LOE President

JULY 2023

My Lady Elk of the month for July is Elsie Simon and her Bingo team. Bingo is so important to the Ladies of Elks and Elsie, with Marianne Palassou’s scheduling, Pat Smith’s help with set-up and the Bingo crew

of Diane Buleza, Vyn Wayne, Maureen Edwards, Pam Stimmell, Joyce Gray, Julie O’Toole, Claudia Siebert, Laura Matheny, and Karon Williams keep it going. You are all a blessing to the Ladies of Elks and we salute you. Thank you…thank you!

Congratulate these wonderful people when you see them!

 Joyce Middleton , President

JUNE 2023

Every organization needs a good secretary, and our Ladies of Elks have a great one. Our secretary, Pam Stimmell, does so much for us! She certainly makes my job a whole lot easier. Pam is my choice for Lady Elk of the month for June. Please congratulate her when you see her!

 Joyce Middleton , President

MAY 2023

My choice for Lady Elk of the Month for the month of May is Karen S. Woodbury. 
Karen has stepped up to be my Vice President. Knowing that she “has my back” made taking the position of president an easy choice. Thank you, Karen! 
I’m looking forward to being your president this year and having her help as Vice President.
Please congratulate Karen when you see her.

     Joyce Middleton , President

APRIL 2023

We have a lady who volunteers with no hesitation for almost all the tasks, small or large, that we need done. She has been a Bingo worker for several years and helps greatly with our Holiday Bazaar. She is also a Past President. Our group depends on volunteers and could not function without them. This particular lady is one of the best we could ask for. I want to give her a HUGE THANK YOU from myself and all the Ladies of Elks. My choice for Lady Elk of the Month for April and Lady Elk of the Year is Pam Stimmell. Welcome to the Dangle Club.

Shirley Hornback, President

2022 - 2023

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