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2023 - 2024


(L-R) Haley Sotelo, Tommy Sotelo, Marco Libertas, Cecelia Meyerhofer, James Bruhn, Emman Schmidt, Thomas Bruhn 

If any of our members wonder who are those kids serving and cleaning up at our Inaugural Ball dinners each year, here is the answer. For the past 13 or so years 6-7 high school kids from the Catholic Church in Veneta have made the trip over to our Lodge each March to help serve and clean up after our Inaugural dinner. The first year was when Keith Carrico was installed as Exalted Ruler. He and his wife, Jane, attend the Catholic church in Veneta and they spoke of this group of kids that did banquets in the area and wondered if the lodge could use them for the Inaugural dinner. The answer was yes, and the rest is history. Except for the covid years when we did not have an Inaugural ball, these kids have come over and helped. They are very professional and know exactly what to do and when to do it. The original group had some fantastic dancers who entertained everyone after the dinner with their fancy footwork. A lot of them are now married with kids which is hard for some of us to believe. One such couple was at our Inaugural dinner this year. Our Inaugural dinners could not be as successful without the help of these kids. So we send a huge thank you to each of them that have helped over the years making our dinner such a

success. Hopefully they will continue to help in years to come.

Submitted by Shirley Hornback

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