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MAY 2023
Sally Studders

This is a lot harder than it looks. I had so many people in mind, but after listening to a few members, I decided to go a whole different direction.  This lady has been in our Lodge for many years. She and her husband volunteered in the kitchen for years. Since he passed, she continues to come in almost every day.  She helps in any capacity she is asked to do and she does it with the most beautiful smile.  She takes pride in all she does, and makes the best sandwiches at Vets Café every Tuesday. 


Donna Smith, Exalted Ruler

APRIL 2023
Ron Tate

My choice for Elk of the Month is someone who has

given up personal time to help me and all of the

new officers. He’s listened to us stumble through not only initiation, but the whole meeting. My Thank You just isn’t enough. This pin will be a reminder of how grateful I am.

RON TATE is the April 2023 Florence Elks Lodge #1858 Elk of the Month!

Donna Smith, Exalted Ruler

MARCH 2023
Mary Bandy

This is my final choice for Elk of the Month.  This year we have had a number of members that have stepped up and performed above and beyond what the normal volunteering Elk does day in and day out.

There is one person that I have relied on every day, of every week, of every month.

A lot goes into assuming the position of Exalted Ruler. I have needed help in every facet of this job and this person has helped me get through all of it!  My final choice for Elk of the Month cannot be more deserving of

this honor, actually, the honor is all mine!  My selection is my wife, Mary Bandy!!


MARY BANDY is March 2023 Florence Lodge #1858 “Elk of the Month”!


George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

Kim Eakin

This month's guest of honor for Elk of the Month is a guy that took over a position in the Lodge that doesn't get a lot of recognition. He is in the lodge regularly every week.  He takes care of an area of the Lodge that most of us wish we could spend more time in. In fact this time of year it gets more use than almost any other time of the year. If you need help using this area, he would be more than happy to help. For your usage, he makes sure the

equipment is working correctly and safe for you to use.

This man is in charge of our spectacular Gym.


KIM EAKIN, is FEBRUARY 2023 Florence Lodge #1858 “Elk of the Month”!


George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

January 2023
April Cluster

My choice for Elk of the Month for January is a person that works hard in the Share Shop almost every day.  She does it all, pricing, setting up displays, going through countless bags of donated clothing, arranging, and rearranging items as needed.  Not only does she volunteer Every day during the day, but you will see her often helping out on a Friday night plating up meals. She also volunteers regularly at whatever function the Lodge has going on.  And you know what else? Yes, that is her attending Lodge meetings! I am privileged to announce:

APRIL CLUSTER, as January 2023 Florence Lodge #1858 “Elk of the Month”!

George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

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