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Gary Vawter

This month's Elk of the Month goes to a person that is deserving more than you can possibly know. He puts in countless hours every week ensuring the Lodge runs smoothly and efficiently. He is always looking for new and better ways for us to enjoy our time in the Lodge. If you have ever eaten a meal in the Lodge or volunteered in the kitchen, then you have enjoyed his handiwork. My choice for Elk of the Month is our Kitchen Liaison, GARY VAWTER! Gary, thank you for your efforts! Hey, you deserve a little time off, take a couple of days on me!
George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

November 2022
Frank Williams

Gary Gray

This month's Elk of the Month is a long- time member that supports the Lodge whenever he can. He has a regular schedule, but when the need arises, he is there to step up and fill in. He doesn't usually have much to say, but what he does say, he says in actions. I know the entire kitchen staff is grateful whenever he is there. I want to personally thank Frank Williams for doing what he does without complaint, month after month. It is my honor to announce FRANK WILLIAMS for Elk of the Month for this special Thanksgiving month of November. George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

      SEPTEMBER 2022
"Spunky" Saliman Gray 

My choice for September 2022 "Elk of the Month" goes to a member - who since moving back to Florence recently, where she has been a long time member (18yrs!) - has stepped in to volunteer whenever and wherever the need presented itself. You can find her in the Lodge every time there is a meal or a function. Not only is she a great volunteer, but her infectious smile dominates her surroundings, causing everyone to feel the love of Elkdom! "SPUNKY" GRAY SALIMAN personifies the slogan, "Promoting Elkdom with Enthusiasm"! Spunky is my choice for September Elk of the Month! Hang around her for a little bit, you'll catch her positive vibes!

George Bandy, Exalted Ruler


IMG_6600 (1).jpg

My choice for Elk of the Month for October is

Gary is in charge of the Wednesday night Fish & Chips dinner; he is a vital part of the Shrimp Basket dinner; and he cooks and keeps the special #1858 Breakfast running smoothly!

Even if Gary isn't able to attend, he ensures food is ordered and the volunteers are in place. Gary typifies what a good Elk does; he volunteers and contributes to the efforts of our Lodge to make our community a better place for all of us.
Congratulations and Thank You Gary!

George Bandy, Exalted Ruler


Danny Wright

The August 2022 Elk of the Month goes to someone we see almost every time we come into the Lodge. He works behind the scenes and in the spotlight on a regular basis. He is a longtime member, working and volunteering to make us happy and well rounded! You can see him after dinner making the rounds, asking if patrons enjoyed their meal. He works hard to bring us the best meal he possibly can. My choice for August 2022 Elk of the Month is Chef Danny "Cookie" Wright! Congratulate him and thank him the next time you see him!
George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

JULY 2022

Jolyne Alaniz

There is a person I want to recognize for outstanding efforts in our Lodge and across the airwaves and post offices around the country and around the world! This is someone that jumped right in when a need was expressed. Although they didn't know exactly how to satisfy the need, they saw the need was real and urgent. This person hit the road running and hasn't looked back.

The need we had was for an Editor of "The Spike" newsletter. Not only is she doing a great job there, she also took on the job of Webmaster for our "" website! Have you seen how great they are? She has been working nonstop getting the website updated with info and pictures. You can be proud that this person is in the helm running both the website and "The Spike"! 
It is my honor to have, new member, Jolyne Alaniz as the July 2022 Elk of the Month!
George Bandy,  Exalted Ruler

JUNE 2022

Howard Ziebell

My choice for Elk of the Month is our one and only...Howard Ziebell!! This man has been a staple for the Florence Elks Lodge #1858 for many years. Not only has he been our Organist, but he has been the Oregon State Organist for several years! You will need to come to a meeting to see how this man has helped not only our Lodge, but has assisted the State in performing State duties to enhance our performance in the line of duty that is most prevalent in the preservation of our due diligence of right and duty in all we represent. I thank this man from the very bottom of my heart and welcome him to each and every meeting we have. 
George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

MAY  2022


 My choice for Elk of the Month is someone that is very instrumental in the success of our Lodge. This person goes out of her way to promote our Lodge, as well as the benefits of becoming an Elk. You might not see her in the kitchen, or at the register, or helping cleanup the Lodge, but this person performs an important job at the Elks. Oh, by the way, have you seen all the members coming in — not only coming into the Lodge — but volunteering for various functions and committees — even for an Officer position. The person responsible for this has been most diligent in increasing our membership and is my choice for Elk of the Month for May. Congratulations to Pattie Panther!!! Thank you for all you do, Pattie! Keep up the good work!

 George  Bandy,  Exalted Ruler

APRIL 2022



It is my great pleasure to announce my first Elk of the Month! This person has stepped up, whether volunteering of when called upon at the last minute. It doesn't matter if it's been cooking, cleaning, bussing, dishwashing or mowing the grass at our Judd Huntington RV Park. He is a long time Elk member, but a new member for our Lodge. It is my privilege and honor to name David Gibbons as Elk of the Month!
George Bandy, Exalted Ruler

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