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Anyone who is having to do massive amounts of windows updates like me ,

has begun to realize that Microsoft doesn't have the slightest idea what their doing !!!!

What with Windows 7-8-8.1 and 10 They are as confused as you are.

The question was.   I have an optional update for Realtek PCIe Family Controller (network adapter) which is a driver update. You caution us against driver updates. What about this one? Checked this in Device Manager—shows working ok. Researching this I found that others bogging report this as working but when they troubleshoot results say problem is with this. I don’t have a problem that I am aware of..

So that goes back to if it ain't broke don't fix it. However  that would not be a answer.

So here we go if to download this update it will most likely just fail, and that will tell you didn't need it. The good news is when you check for updates again it will be gone.

If it's still there right click on it and hide it.

Now if it installs and screws up your computer


So in conclusion I'm saying. Stop and ask yourself have I made any changes that would

require a new driver. (Like a upgrade from 7 to 10 ) Is my computer working fine?

I'm I ready to fix it if it screws up.

If  your still confused just right click on it and hide it.