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What Is a Browser Hijacker?

When you think of a hijacker, what comes to mind? Generally, people think of someone who takes over a situation and runs it the way they want to get what they want. This is the hard cold fact about hijacking, and while it is definitely less violent than a physical hijacking, the results can be all the same. Someone comes in, takes over, and in the end the innocent party minding their business, is the one who loses. Welcome to the not-so -pleasant work of browser hijacking. When someone gains entry to your machine, you can almost be that they are going to tamper with all that you have available. First and foremost it is the Internet browser, this seemingly is the easiest target to get too, and they do utilize it to the fullest. When it is taken over, you can be sure you will have virtually no control over what they are doing. You will not be able to stop it, short of turning your machine completely off, or disconnecting from the Internet. By this time, it will clearly be too late.


1. Hold you mouse perfectly still (Don't move it even a tiny bit (Or let it go without moving it at all)


2.Hold the power button in on your computer until you computer turns off ( Don't just hit it HOLD it in till you computer shuts down) IF you hold it in YOUR COMPUTER WILL SHUT DOWN


3. Turn your computer back on if a box comes up telling you your infected your screwed


4. Go to system Restore and see if you have any restore points If their gone You have the bad one and your computer most likely can't be fixed without a reload


5. Try the things I've suggested on the previous pages


It won't remove it

What Happens When You Dare Expert Hackers To Hack You